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Reign And Prosperity

How do you expect to become who you are meant to be tomorrow, if you are still being yesterday’s you today. The Rich in poverty Metaphysics Science Experiment will allow us to imitate the atom; yes, thy Adam from which we are conceived. We’re made up of 99% atoms, the atoms formulated a covalent bond for stability and foundation; ultimately manifesting us. Together, we can do all things because our origin state was one; sometimes you have to multiply to complete a task or goal (Entropy [disorder to attain order]). Along the way we’ve broken our bonds in the pursuit of money, which use to be the pursuit of happiness. Today, we can achieve great success but covalent bonds have to be established.

 God, Love, & Faith are Free Energy. Free energy is the difference between the states you expect to be in and the states your brain sensors tell you that you are in. Or, to put it another way, when you are minimizing free energy, you are minimizing surprise (Example: We don’t want to go to hell, yet we don’t know if there is a heaven but we have Faith (Free Energy) that our actions are acceptable to God [you know the Truth though!]) . Karl Friston’s Free Energy Principle accounts for everything we do: perception, action, planning, problem solving. I’ve taken Karl Friston’s Free Energy Principle and I've doctored it with information from different disciplines to create new ideas and innovations. I started by getting to the facts, once I had a foundation of facts I made a plan to improve each little piece; this process naturally leads to exploring widely for better substitutes. 

 The human tendency to imitate others is a common roadblock to Truth, Truth is the only thing that can set you free; spiritually, mentally and financially. When most people envision the future, they project the current form forward; rather than projecting the function form. Usually, when we’re faced with complexed problems we default to thinking like everyone else. The Rich in poverty Metaphysics Science Experiment is a powerful way to help us break out of this herd mentality, think outside the box and innovate completely brand new solutions to familiar problems. By identifying our current assumptions, breaking these down into their basic truths and creating solutions from scratch, we will uncover these in-genius solutions to complexed problems; and make unique contributions in any field.

 With that said, If you’re looking to be prosperous and you don't want to pay money to achieve something that was predestined for you; than welcome to Richinpoverty.com, where time & energy (True Value) is the only investment you’ll need to begin your journey! You’ll also be enlightened on the Laws of God; there’s only two and on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.


MEGASTER Xavier Linton