Xavier Linton

Reign And Prosperity


Minister Xavier Linton, who fashions himself as MEGASTER (Man Epitomizing God And Science To Emancipate Religion). The MEGASTER enlightened himself on the Holy Bible, Vast amounts of different dictionaries, the Prosperity Bible, The Invisible Hand {Economics}, Capitalism {Business}, Objectivism {Philosophy}, Game Theory {Science of logical decision making in humans, animals and computers}, Relativity {Physics}, Artificial Intelligence, Evolution {Metaphysics}, Dependence, Independence, Interdependence and History. He decided that Wisdom (is) Understanding Knowledge, this makes you woke/W.U.K; conscious to the fact that we can manifest as our Father, God, does. The MEGASTER utilized his wisdom, conducted 10 years of research, developed a viable, sustainable & potentially lucrative experiment. Xavier Linton was ordained as minister on August/2020 through Universal Life Church. Great Way, Inc., became a registered church in November/2020. The Rich in poverty Metaphysics Science Experiment is a paid observation operating as a Great Way, Inc subsidiary. The MEGASTER lives in Miami, Florida. He believes that you fellowship everyday you exit your home; so an actual brick & mortar church is quite necessary.